Sri Maha Kameswari koluvu mandapam complex comprises of a sacred puja mandapam, hall for rest and residences, open/closed verandas, open chavadi, exclusive area for cooking, bath and toilets. It has got electric fans and lighting, bore well with pumped water supply, utensils to be used exclusively for puja room, and separate utensils for cooking / dining. It has spacious open spaces, garden and parking area.

As you enter the Koluvu Mandapam, there is a multipurpose spacious closed veranda. On stepping further there is a spacious hall for resting/dining.

On the walls of this hall, there is a display of photos relating to Gruhapravesham of this Mandapam and release of Sri Kameswari Devi puja book, besides quotations /sayings from sacred books. Also there is display of information relating to the construction of the mandapam and list of donors. Adjoining this hall there is an open veranda with a long open chavadi.This can be used for performing functions when covered with shamiyana or pandiri covered with coconut leaves

From here we enter the main puja hall.This place is exclusively used for Kula devata Sri Kameswari Devi Koluvu .

In this puja hall there is a decorated mandiram in which the kula devata photo and kalasam etc are kept.There is also a wooden puja stool carved with koluvu srungara muggu (Rangoli ) to be used exclusively during paala kolanu pata ( Special puja song) .Sacred utensils exclusively used for puja purposes during kula devata koluvu are also kept in this place.

Outside this room is a covered area exclusively for cooking purposes.Connecting this area is the backyard with well, bath and toilets.

The entire Mandapam complex can be used by the Brahmin devotees who Perform Kuladevatha Koluvu Free of Charge.

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