11 Dec 2000: - Gruhapravesam of "Koluvu Mandapam"

12 Dec 2000: - Sri Satyanarayan Swami Vratam in mandapam

13 Dec 2000: - Sri Kameswari Devi Koluvu in mandapam

Dec 2002:   - Book release function of "Sri Maha Kameswari Devata Puja Vidhana Vratakalpamu - 1st edition" by Late Sri Akundi Narasimham. The occasion was also graced by our pujya guru Sri Dr K.S.Satry garu

20 Aug 2006:   - Book release function of "Sri Maha Kameswari Devata Pujavidhana Vratakalpamu - 2nd edition" and "Antaranga Tarangalu" by Dr. Akundi Ravi shankar

July 2013  - Construction of "Swagatha Dwaram (Welcome Arch)" with Siva parivar idols installed on the arch on Guru Pournima day. A smaller arch was constructed in front of the temple as well.

Oct 2015  - Sri Maha Kameswari Seva Trust - Registration and formation of Managing Trustees

Oct 2018  - Sri Sri Sri Maha Kameswari Devi Puja Vidhana Vrata kalpamu 3 rd edition book revision and Kolanu booklet printing

Feb 2020 Construction of compound wall and major temple repairs undertaken

March 2020 Appointment of temple purohit (a smartha veda pandit) for puja and koluvu

April 2020 Digging of borewell and fixing of handpump

Oct 2020 Alayam samprokshana conducted

Oct 2020 Navaratri Dasara & Karthika Deepotsavam celebrations

___ Yearly Annadanam & Vastradanam _____

_________________________ Koti Kumkumarchana _________________________

_________________________ Aalaya Samprokshana 2020 _________________________

_________________________ Temple development 2020_________________________

_________________________ Mandapam development _________________________

_________________________ Gruhapravesam Dec 2000_________________________

______ Sri Sri Sri Maha Kameswari Devata Puja Vidhana Vrata Kalpamu______

Book release function of 1st edition in 2002

___________ Swagatha Dwaram (Temple Welcome Arches) in 2013 ____________

Swagat Dwaram (Video 1)

Swagat Dwaram (Video 2)

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