Sri Sri Sri Maha Kameswari Devi Koluvu Mandapamu


1. Land acquisition*** – October 1997 - Akundi Narayana Murty (s/o A.Narasimham)

2. Site levelling – March 2000

3. Foundation stone was laid – 19 April 2000 – by Sri Akundi Narayana Murty & Smt.Akundi Sakuntala

4. Main buildings (phase – 1) – October 2000

5. Ancillary work (Phase -2: Bath, toilets etc) – November 2000

6. Inauguration / Gruhapravesam – 11 December 2000 – Sri. Akundi Narayana Murty & Smt.Akundi Sakuntala

7. Inauguration/ Sri Satyanarayana Vratam / Annadaanam – 12 December 2000

8. Inauguration/ Koluvu – 13 December 2000

9. “Sri Sri Sri Maha Kameswari Devata Vrata Kalpamu ” book printed & released- First edition -2002

10. “Sri Sri Sri Maha Kameswari Devata Vrata Kalpamu ” book printed & released - Second edition – August 2006

11. On the auspicious day of Guru Pournima (Vijaya nama Samvatsara Aashada Shudha Pournima), the construction of a grand welcome Arch "Swagatha Dwaram" to Sri Kameswari Devi temple was accomplished with installation of Siva parivar idols on the arch - 22 July 2013


A. Swagatha Dwaram was funded by Akundi Narayana Murty garu 1,10,000/- and 1983 samprokshana donation accured over years in Fixed deposit mounting to 60,000/-

B. Mandapam adjacent land donated by Late Sri Akundi Peri Sastry garu’s children (Sri Akundi Laxmi Narayana Rao garu , Sri Akundi Bhaskar Rao garu & Sri Akundi Gopal Rao garu)

C. Compound wall for this land funded by Akundi Narayana Murty garu for 70,000/-.

D. A fresh water well dug here in the memory of Akundi Narasimham garu and Smt Satyamma

***(This land is the same dilapidated house wherein the goddess peetam was kept in early 1700 yrs and remained there receiving worships by the Akundi families till the construction of the temple during 1936-40)

Leaders of the construction team / Nirmaana saaradhulu:

1. Sri. Akundi Narasimham

2. Sri. Akundi Krishna Murty

3. Sri. Nishtala Venkata Surya Narayana Murty

4. Smt. Nishtala Suryakantam

5. Sri. Vajjala Satyanayarana

6. Sri. Gumma Krishna Murty

Donors List:

1. Phase - I : Main buildings construction – Funding by Sri.Akundi Narayana Murty , Smt. Akundi Sakuntala and their children A.V.Kameswara Rao , A.L.P.Jyothi , A.Ravi Shankar .

2. Phase –II: construction (Bathrooms, toilets with septic tank) – Funding by Sri.Akundi Krishna Murty , Sri. Akundi Vishwanatham , Sri.Bhagawathula Narayana Rao , Smt.Chellapilla Kameswari , Sri.Akundi Suryanarayana Murty,Sri.Akundi Rama Rao, Sri.Akundi Gopala Swami

3. Phase – III : Development and maintenance by our generous Donors

( Borewell funded by Sri.Voleti Srinivasa Bhanu & brothers & sisters )

“Sri Sri Sri Maha Kameswari Devata Puja Vidhana Vrata Kalpamu ”

Book printing was funded by :

In 2002 First edition funded by Sri. Akundi Narayana Murty & Smt.Akundi Sakuntala

In 2006 Second edition funded by –

1. Sri. Akundi Narayana Murty & Smt.Akundi Sakuntala’s children

2.Late.Smt.Akundi Sumathi

3. Sri.Maddala prasada Rao & Smt. Vardhanamma

4. Sri. Akundi Surya Narayana Murty

In 2018 Third edition funded by – Sri Akundi Narayana Murty garu

" With love and regards from Ragini & Ratik "

This website is dedicated to Sri Maha Kameswari Devi who inspired us for this noble cause. She has been guiding and showering her grace all through our lives for which we can never repay our gratitude. We humbly pray her to grace all of us with love, knowledge,devotion, detachment, patience and peace.

We would also like to dedicate this website to our grandparents who lovingly guided, recited, sung and shared their knowledge for our benefit for which we are deeply ever grateful to them.

Swasthi prajaabhyaha paripaalayanthaam
Nyaayena maargena maheem maheeshaah
Go brahmanebhyaha shubhamasthu nityam
Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu
Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti hi :

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