Sri Maha Kameswari Devi is Kuladevatha for many Brahmin families.Kuladevatha aradhana is an exclusive Pooja Vidhanam (ritual) called Koluvu performed by devotees periodically. This function was hitherto (i.e. year 2000) performed in the house where the the Kuladevata Peetham was brought by and kept by the initial migrants from their ancestral home temple in Konnaseema or in their respective houses by the Akundi (Akondi) families of Choudantivalasa village.

When the Akundi families perform Kuladevatha koluvu, the first and foremost order is the ceremonial procession to the temple from the place where the function is to be performed. They would go to the temple with sacred Kalasam in hand at early hours so as to reach the temple before sun rise . After due pooja, the diety / Kuladevatha would be invited in a prescribed procedure to come to the venue where the ceremony is to be held and they return in the same ceremonial procession.This is ritualistic tradition followed by ages.

At any cost, Kuladevatha Koluvu which is a lengthy ritualistic process is NOT to be performed at the temple itself. With migration of new generation of Akundi families on employment and falling down of ancestral houses due to lack of maintenance, there arose a need for a decent sacred place for performing the ritualistic Koluvu . For performing this sacred function, Koluvu Mandapam was constructed in the year 2000 exclusively for performing Kuladevatha Koluvu. It so happened that the pooja Mandapam has come up in the same place where Sri Maha Kameswari Peetham was first installed many years before by forefathers and worshiped there for generations.

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