Society Registration # 19 of 2020

"Sri Sri Sri Uyyala Maha Kameswari Devi Seva Samithi" was formed on 1 Feb 2020 under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registrations Act 2001 by the Akundi family members and active devotees of the Temple which is situated in Chowdanthivalasa Village, Vizianagaram District.

The Temple land belongs to Late Sri Akundi Narasimham.

The main objectives of the society is to develop and maintain the Temple and its premises. To facilitate devotee’s needs, arrange daily prayers and special pujas by an appointed Veda Pandit as priest. To manage funds / donations in temple related religious and charitable activities.

Society Members Details

Sri Akundi Krishna Murthy – President - 9618321804

Sri Nistala V N Ravi Kumar – Vice President - 8008604569

Sri Nistala Uday Kumar Sarma – Secretary - 7799105559

Sri Akundi Kameswara Rao – Joint Secretary - 6301504235

Smt. Akundi Lalitha Padma Jyothi – Treasurer - 9900465313

Smt. Akundi Suryakantham – Member - 7799345609

Sri Akundi Ravi Shankar – Member – 9650344064

Smt. Muddu Rama Deepthi – Member – 7036025678

Sri Akundi Bhaskara Rao – Member – 8963221176

The Chowdantivalasa Village President Sri Simhadri Appala Naidu garu is society’s Honorable chairman – 9441044974

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