The Akundi (Akondi) family which first settled in Choudantivalasa village, installed around the year 1700, a wooden cradle with the deity’s pictures carved on wood that was brought from their native temple at Kesanakurru in Konaseema (East Godavari District) after due process of purification ceremonies.

Thus the first temple of Sri Maha Kameswari that had come up on the bank of big lake on the outskirts of the village was a temporary structure. This temple structure used to be weathered out leading to reinstallation till a permanent temple was constructed between the years 1936-40. Expansion of the temple by construction of closed hall adjoinjng the temple besides some facilities, took place in the year 1982. Since then devotees voluntarily came forward now then to make further improvements /facilities.

In the existing temple, the pictures of Sri Mahakameswari and her sisters (Akkalu) on either side have been carved on a brass plate and fixed on wooden cradle.

The pictures have been so carved out showing Sri Maha kameswari with four hands at the centre sitting on a Swan with Abhaya and Varada Mudras on two hands and Akshamala and sacred Vedas on the other two hands.The pictures of Diety’s six sisters, three each on either side have been carved out showing as fanning Chamaras and Vinjamaras to Sri Mahakameswari Devi.

The temple of Sri Mahakameswari is not a daily worshiped Aalayam. It used to be worshiped as and when Brahmin Grihasthas perform Kuladevatha Koluvu. Sri Mahakameswari Devi is Kuladevatha not only to Akundi families but also to many other Brahmin families.

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