Sri Maha Kameswari Seva Trust

              Chowdantivalasa village, Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh

                                      (Registered in Oct 2015)

The Managing Trustees constructed a building complex called “Sri Maha Kameswari Koluvu Mandapam” at the place where their ancestors installed 'Sri Kameswari Peetham' long ago and dedicated it for exclusive use of the ‘Deity’s Koluvu – a unique sacred ritual of their Kuladevata Sri Kameswari Devi’.

The Trust shall carry out charitable activities suiting the needs of Brahmin devotees of Sri Kameswari Devata in performing deity’s koluvu at the Mandapam ( the initial seat of ‘Sri Kameswari Peetham) , and to preserve this hereditary ancient tradition.

The Trust shall make available free or at cost as decided by the Trust the Mandapam Complex to the devotees who desire to perform ‘Sri Kameswari Devata Koluvu’. The Trust Purohit who is a Veda pundit scholar will take care of Mandapam and perform rituals etc. Trust shall further make available funds enough to meet expenses on Purohit, Pooja needs, charitable activities by voluntary donors or sponsors.

Bank Current Account No. 018511100001547

(Customer Code: 49538667 )

IFSC Code : UBIN0801852 ( Formerly ANDB0000185 )

Union Bank ( Formerly Andhra Bank ), Akkayyapalem branch, Visakhapatnam.

Devotees who wish to donate to Trust through cash, cheque or online transfer may do so to above account with their complete details including address and phone number. They are requested to contact any member mentioned below and receive receipt of their donation. This is necessary for Trust auditing purpose.

Founding Member is Late Sri Akundi Narayana Murty garu

The management of the Trust consists of the following persons:

Smt. Akundi Sakuntala garu, Trust Member
Sri. Akundi Ravi Shankar garu, Managing Trustee
Smt. Rama Deepthi Muddu garu, Secretary
Smt. Akundi Lalitha Padma Jyothi garu, Treasurer
Sri Akundi Bhaskara Rao garu, Trust Member
Sri. A.S. Prabhakar Rao garu, Trust Member
Sri Muddu Venkata Rama Krishna Prasad garu, Trust Member
Sri Amitabh Mutluru garu , Trust member

The objectives of the Trust are :
A. To make available free of charge the mandapam complex to the devotees who desire to perform 'Sri Kameswari Devatha Koluvu ' .
B. To carry out worship at Sri Kameswari Devi temple besides its development and maintenance including its ancilliary structures , plantation and the like.
C. To print and publish the book titled 'Sri Sri Sri Maha Kameswari Devatha pooja vidhana Vrathakalpamu for distribution to devotees free of cost. This is besides booklets , pamphlets ,C.D's / DVD's and the like ancient values , culture and other material of spiritual interest.
D. To update and maintain website of Sri Maha Kameswari Devatha which is under the domain for the benefit of devotees spread across the globe.
E.To establish libraries , reading rooms with literature books of Veda , purana , itihasas and such of spiritual value culture and alike.
F. To organise discourses by persons of eminance on ancient values in puranas , Itihasas for spiritual upliftment of society.
G. To organise and conduct spiritual/devotional activities like Yagnya, Yaagas, and any forms of worship for wellbeing of the society.
H. To organise free distribution of food /clothes to the needy.
I. To setup and maintain Go shala.
J. Doing other acts and things which are ancilliary to the acheivement of any of the above stated objects.

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