Homoeopathy Services

Treatment at Visakhapatnam "Homoeo Vaidyalayam centre”:

After the departure of Master E.K garu, Dr.K.S.Sastry garu took over the Homoeo dispensary in Akkayyapalem. The dispensary continues free medical treatment to 250+ patients everyday and about 500 patients on Sundays and holidays.

Treatment in rural villages:

Dr.Sastry garu & his team of 100+ volunteers visit several villages in Visakhapatnam/Vizainagaram vicinity, to render free medical service to the poor and needy. Medicals camps are conducted on Sundays in these rural areas. Villages like Tagarapuvalasa, Lotlapalli, Kothapenta and Lachampeta have benefitted from him for over 15 years.

Treatment for long distance patients:
For the out station patients, he has facilitated sending medicines by post. Patients residing abroad phone him for medical guidance and treatment.

Eye clinic service:
A free eye clinic is also conducted in Master Homoeo Vaidyalayam every Sunday by highly dedicated Dr.Jyothirmayee M.S. (Ophthalmology) assistance. Spectacles are also supplied free of cost to the poor and needy.

Helping the needy

Village upliftment :

Dr.Sastry garu had adopted Lotlapalli village and has been rendering free medical and educational assistance for the past 25 years. Sree Ramalayam was constructed at Lotlapalli which is a remote village with the help of close brothern to create divine culture in the villages. He has appointed a pujari to look after the temple and has taken up maintenance of temple under his wings.

Educational assistance:
Dr.Sastry garu distributes free school books and uniforms to the poor students every year. He also provides educational assistance to few poor bright students by paying their fees.

Free note books are distributed to 400 poor students in remote villages in Vizainagaram district like Lotlapalli , Alamanda santha, G.Singavaram every year and also to 9th and 10th class students at G.V.M.C municipal school.
Food and clothing service:

Poor feeding “Narayana Seva" is organized by Master garu every Sunday. Around 450 Poor people from all over the city are fed to their heart’s content. Clothes are distributed to the poor and needy men and women every year during festivals. During every winter season, homoeo volunteers go round the city, suburbs and villages with good number of blankets/thick cotton bed sheets and cover the poor sleeping on pavements, open places etc shivering with chill.

Imparting Homoeo awareness:

Classroom teachings:
With Dr.Sastry garu's Guru Dr.E.K garu's demise, he established a "Homoeo teaching center" in his name the same year. He has taught so far about 3000 students in 33 batches in and around Visakhapatnam. His teachings have extended beyond homoeopathy to human psychology, as both the aspects are closely related. Several of students trained by him, volunteer him at the dispensary even to this day.

Volunteering options:
Some of those who approached Dr.Sastry garu for medical treatment have become dedicated volunteers at the dispensary getting involved in as many events and activities as possible. Approximately 100 volunteers are currently serving at the dispensary.

Book publications:
Dr.K.S.Sastry garu has written many books to educate people in Homoeopathy. Some of these are: KEY TO HOMOEO THEORY, HOMOEO ISTHAGOSTHI, ORGANON, SASTRIYA HOMOEO VAIDYAM, HOMOEO DIGEST and PATANJALI YOGA SUTRAS.

Lectures on AIR :
During 1990’s Dr.K.S.Sastry garu had given a number of lectures on Homoeopathy on AIR to create awareness among the general public and to clear misgivings on Homoeo system of medicine. His discourses covered not only elementary principles but also greater diseases like brain swelling, malaria, digestive disorders (loose motions) and to how they can be successfully dealt with a smooth, effective and cost effective way with Homoeo medicines.

Dr.K.S.Sastry garu convened a meet of Homoeopaths who are doing homoeo service in Master E.K.’s paths to discuss difficult cases encountered at other centres and guide the right way to deal. Such homoeo conferences helped in bringing coordination and knowledge sharing. Last Homoeo Conference was held at Visakhapatnam on 14 & 15 th April 2011 and it benefited many practicing Homoeo Doctors.

Spiritual services and activities:

Dr. Sastry garu facilitates several spiritual activities/services throughout the year. A brief of these rituals are provided below:

Daily rituals:
To keep up the traditional practices of spiritual life, daily pooja and fire rituals are being conducted in the dispensary for the overall well being of the society. He believes that such rituals not only help the waiting patients to cleanse their mental plane but also purify the atmosphere around.

Regular rituals:

Lalitha sahasranama parayana is conducted every friday, Vishnu Sahasranama parayana every saturday, Eka VaraRudrabhisekham everyday and Rudrabhisekham every pournima.

Vratams :

Every year Varalaxmi vratam is conducted at the main dispensary which is attended by 75 suvasini women. He distributes free puja samagri and new clothing to all the participants.


Every Shivaratri and Karthika Pournami, Akhanda Rudrabhishekam is performed round the clock (without interruption) with 121 Namaka chamaka parayanam by devotees in large numbers.

Each year Sita Rama Kalyanam is conducted and witnessed by several hundred devotees. Unmarried girls get an opportunity to perform Gowri puja during the kalyanam.


Devi Navaratrulu is conducted all 9 days every year. Puja and parayanam is performed in morning whereas Kumkum-archana and Lalitha parayanam etc are conducted by women in the evenings. During these 9 days, prasadam is distributed to all. Food and clothing is distributed by him to all the suvasini ladies and kanyas on the 9th day.

Meditation sessions:

Meditation is conducted every pournima and also on the day of Dhanishta nakshatram under Master garu’s guidance.

Book distribution:
He has personally distributed thousands of copies of philanthropic books like Lalitha Sahasranamam, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Guru Prasadam, few chapters of Bhagavat Geeta, Bala Ramayanam, Masters Prayer etc. free of cost in thousands of copies.

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