Sri Kompella Satyanarayana Sastry born in 1936, joined Indian Railways and retired as Sr. Accounts Officer, South Eastern Railway, Visakhapatnam, in October 1994. He is a Registered Homoeo Medical Practitioner.

Dr. Sastry garu moved to Visakhapatnam with Indian Railways in 1963. Around that time, his son took sick and he thus approached Sri Kulapathi Ekkirala Krishnamacharya, known as Master E.K garu, for son’s treatment. During numerous interactions, Dr.Sastry garu was deeply influenced by Master E.K service & contribution to the society as a whole. He was thus initiated into the path of service and ancient wisdom in 1965 by Master E.K garu and thereafter, he has pursued the path of the Master. Under the guidance of Master, he dedicated himself to the service of humanity by associating with THE WORLD TEACHER TRUST (WTT). WTT is an international Spiritual & Service Organization, founded by Kulapthi Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya . For the past three and half decades, Dr.K.S.Sastry has continued to render service to WTT’s Homoeo dispensary. It has been his firm belief that the successful treatment of a patient is enabled by the blessings of his Guru Master E.K.

Dr. Sastry has held several coveted positions during multiple decades of his service. Positions held in past include: Ex-Chairman, Balabhanu Vidyalayam Trust, Ex. Vice-President of Railway Pensioners Association (Visakhapatnam) and Vice-President of VSKP District Regd. Medical Practioners Association (Visakhapatnam). He was also Homoeo consultant for Andhra University for many years.

Presently, Dr. Sastry is the Chairman of WTT and Chief Physician of Master Homoeo Vaidyalayam, Visakhapatnam (A unit of The World Teacher Trust). Under his able healing techniques and guidance, hundreds of people are treated everyday in the main dispensary. His services have extended beyond the confines of Visakhapatnam city and for the past 15 years he has been involved with various services in the following villages: Tagarapuvalasa, Lotlapalli, Kothapenta and Lachampeta.

For over 20 years, Dr. Sastry has been imparting knowledge of homoeopathy, health and diseases through free class room sessions to approximately 3000 candidates (33 batches) in and around Visakhapatnam. He is still continuing free homoeo treatment to people from all walks of life helping them attain good health.

Even at the age of 76 today, he puts in 18 hours a day to relentlessly pursue the principle of service-to-all, with blessings of his guru & guide Master E.K garu.

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